Introduction to Basic Legal Citation:
e-book versions
and "Citing ... in brief" videos 
(fall 2016)

e-book versions

Despite the availability of the online version, many users of this reference (over 50,000 during the past year) have been drawn by the convenience of having it as an e-book on their own tablet, laptop, or e-book reader.

To load any of the following versions on a dedicated reader (Kindle, Nook, etc.) or one of their equivalent apps on a tablet or smartphone, you may need first to download the appropriate file to a computer and then transfer it to the device. If you are using a browser installed on a full-function computer, tablet or smartphone that second step should be unnecessary.  As a convenience to those who would like to install the reference directly on a Kindle or Kindle app, last year's version is offered through the Kindle Store at the minimum price Amazon will allow ($.99). To obtain it there, click here (but also see below ).

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  1. For the full range of Kindles as well as other readers and apps that use the mobi format:
  2. For readers and apps that can use the epub format: basic-legal-citation.epub
  3. For readers, tablet and other computers able to handle large and richly linked pdf files (approx. 1.6 MB)*: basic-legal-citation.pdf

If you have difficulty downloading any of these send me an email.

Peter W. Martin
Legal Information Institute
Cornell Law School

* Not all ereaders that claim to handle pdfs allow the reader to follow internal links or can handle a file of this size and complexity.


"Citing ... in brief" videos

A complementary series of "Citing ... in brief" video tutorials offers a quick start introduction to citation of the major categories of legal sources. These videos are also useful for review.

Currently, the following are available:

  1. Citing Judicial Opinions ... in Brief (8.5 minutes)
  2. Citing Constitutional and Statutory Provisions ... in Brief (14 minutes)
  3. Citing Agency Material ... in Brief (12 minutes)